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Are you yearning for the nostalgia of vintage typewriters but still want the efficiency of a modern keyboard? Look no further! In our roundup of the best retro typewriter keyboards, we’ve gathered top options for you to choose from. From clicky mechanical switches to old-school aesthetics, these keyboards bring back the charm of typewriters while keeping up with today’s technology. Join us as we explore the world of retro typewriter keyboards and discover which one suits your typing style and design preference.

The Top 16 Best Retro Typewriter Keyboard

  1. Wireless Retro Typewriter Keyboard — Introducing the Typewriter Keyboard, blending retro charm and modern functionality with RGB backlighting, wireless or wired connectivity, and adjustable lighting effects for a unique, vintage-inspired typing experience.
  2. Retro Typewriter Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad — Experience the nostalgic charm of the 7keys Retro Typewriter Keyboard, featuring a luxurious alloy metal construction, upgraded mechanical Bluetooth connectivity for smooth multitasking, and a captivating classical woodpunk aesthetic.
  3. Wireless Retro Typewriter Mechanical Keyboard — Retro-chic and exceptionally functional, the K840T Mechanical Keyboard combines the flair of a typewriter with the efficiency of modern technology, offering seamless wireless and wired connectivity for your iPad or other devices.
  4. Retro Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad and More — Mofii Bluetooth Keyboard: Vintage Round Keycaps, Compatible with iPad, iOS, Android & Windows, Wireless Bluetooth 5.1 & Indicator Lights for Bluetooth & Low Battery Notification.
  5. Wood-Colored Retro Typewriter Keyboard for PC, Laptop, and Phone — Experience the nostalgic click of a retro typewriter with the wireless USB Mechanical Punk Keycaps for your desktop PC/Laptop/Phone, featuring easy connectivity, adjustable LED lights, and hot-swappable blue switches.
  6. Retro Mechanical Typewriter Keyboard for PC, Laptop, and Phone — Experience the retro charm with this Bluetooth 5.0-equipped Typewriter Keyboard, featuring customizable LED lights, hot-swappable blue switches, and compatibility with a wide range of devices.
  7. Retro Wireless Typewriter Keyboard (Sweet Mint) — Experience seamless typing with the Zell ACTTO B303 Wireless Typewriter Keyboard, featuring Retro Bluetooth aesthetic with integrated stand, perfect for multi-device use and enhancing your desk setup.
  8. Stylish Retro Typewriter Mechanical Keyboard for Smoke Devices — Experience the nostalgia and functionality of the QWERKYWRITER S Typewriter Inspired Retro Mechanical Wired & Wireless Keyboard that brings back the “clacking” sound and firm keypress with its vintage typewriter-inspired design.
  9. Wireless Retro Typewriter Keyboard Mouse Set — The Grenf II Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo delivers a unique fusion of retro and modern design with intelligent power-saving features, ensuring reliable connections and long-lasting battery life for a superior typing experience.
  10. Retro Mechanical Keyboard for Laptop and PC Gaming — Retro Typewriter Keyboard Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Mechanical Keyboard with 83 Keys for Laptop PC Gaming, Easy Operation, 2000mAh Battery, and Phone Holder Supporting Win 10, IOS and Android
  11. AZIO MK Retro Typewriter-Inspired Mechanical Keyboard — A premium, vintage-inspired mechanical keyboard offering the tactile touch of a typewriter with modern precision and functionality. Experience a nostalgic yet efficient typing experience with the AZIO MK Retro USB Typewriter Inspired Mechanical Keyboard.
  12. Vintage Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with RGB Backlit — Experience the unique fusion of vintage charm and modern performance with Camiysn’s retro-style mechanical gaming keyboard, featuring 104 keys, blue switches, and vibrant RGB backlighting.
  13. Vintage Blue LED Mechanical Retro Typewriter Keyboard — The Aula F2088 Mechanical Keyboard offers a retro typewriter design with tactile blue switches, high-quality round keycaps, and customizable LED backlighting, perfect for enhancing your gaming performance and alleviating wrist fatigue.
  14. Vintage Mechanical Gaming Keyboard — Experience nostalgic typing with the HJK900 Punk Retro Classic Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, featuring RGB backlit wired with blue switch, 104 keys, and Type-C connection.
  15. Blue Retro Typewriter Keyboard for Windows — Experience the satisfaction of old-school typing with a modern twist with this USB wired computer keyboard, perfect for a nostalgic and efficient office experience.
  16. Pink Retro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and Mouse — Experience the vintage charm and modern performance of LexonElec’s Pink Typewriter Keyboard and Mouse, featuring 104 anti-ghosting keys, 30 LED backlit modes, 4 color lighting, adjustable DPI, and a wired pink mouse for seamless gaming and productivity.


Wireless Retro Typewriter Keyboard


I recently got my hands on this retro, vintage-style typewriter keyboard, and let me tell you, it has been a game-changer for my typing experience. The sleek black design, combined with the vibrant RGB backlighting, instantly transports me back to the good old days of typewriters. It’s not just a nostalgic trip; it’s functional too, with both wireless Bluetooth connection and USB wired options.

One of my favorite features is its adaptability. Whether I’m using it at my office desk or moving it around to different locations, this keyboard fits perfectly into my routine. Plus, the customizable RGB lighting adds a fun twist to the classic typewriter design. It’s like having a piece of history that offers modern amenities.

Now, the cons. While the keyboard is aesthetically pleasing and offers flexibility in terms of connection, it lacks some essential keys that modern keyboards have. For example, there’s no Caps Lock key, which can take some getting used to. Additionally, the mechanical feel of the keys can be quite loud, which might not be ideal in certain environments.

But overall, this typewriter keyboard has made my typing sessions a lot more enjoyable. Its retro charm paired with modern functionality is a winning combination that I believe any vintage keyboard enthusiast would appreciate.

Retro Typewriter Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad


You know what’s a perfect blend of nostalgia and modern technology? The 7keys Retro Typewriter Keyboard! This isn’t your grandparents’ typewriter, but it’s definitely inspired by theirs. It has a luxurious all-metal build, plated with a wood grain finish that gives it an extra touch of class. The round keys are reminiscent of old-school typewriters, making every stroke feel like a trip back in time.

One of the standout features of this keyboard is its mechanical blue switch design. The keys are not only hot-swappable, meaning you can change them out easily, but each keystroke also produces a satisfying click sound. It’s like playing a mini percussion instrument while typing! Also, the backlight feature helps you type in dimly lit environments, making it perfect for late-night work sessions.

However, there’s a downside. The keyboard comes with a Bluetooth 5.0 feature which should technically be stable and reliable. But in my case, it stopped working after a few days. Not exactly what you’d expect from a retro device like this.

In conclusion, the 7keys Retro Typewriter Keyboard is a charming blend of nostalgia and cutting-edge tech. Its unique design and mechanics make typing feel like an exciting journey back to the days of manual typewriters. Just keep your fingers crossed that it doesn’t decide to take a permanent vacation midway through your work.

Wireless Retro Typewriter Mechanical Keyboard


I recently had the pleasure of using the K840T Wireless Mechanical Keyboard, and I must say, it truly made my typing experience more enjoyable than ever before. This retro-inspired keyboard boasts a 2.4GHz wireless connectivity, Bluetooth 5.0, and a Type-C wired mode, making it incredibly versatile for all my devices. The 84 cute round keycaps, inspired by retro elegant typewriters, lend a nostalgic charm to this modern device. Plus, its smooth edge technology and unique lemon-cyan mixed color keycap design make it a perfect blend of retro and contemporary aesthetics.

The K840T keyboard’s 12 multimedia combination keys allowed me to access my computer at lightning speed, while its ability to connect to up to three devices simultaneously provided seamless adaptability across my daily typing and gaming activities. The blue switches under the keycaps offered a satisfying tactile feedback, making each keystroke feel like a nostalgic trip back in time.

However, there is one minor drawback I encountered with the K840T keyboard: the round keycaps may take some time to get used to, especially if you’re coming from a traditional, rectangular keyboard layout. But once you’ve adapted, the charm and efficiency of this retro-inspired mechanical keyboard become quite apparent.

Overall, the K840T Wireless Mechanical Keyboard has revitalized my typing experience, blending nostalgic design with modern-day functionality. Its versatile connectivity options, satisfying tactile feedback, and distinct aesthetic make it a standout choice in the market of typewriter keyboards.

Retro Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad and More


I recently got my hands on the Mofii Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard, and it’s been quite a ride! The retro design combined with modern technology instantly caught my eye — it’s a unique blend that appeals to the style-conscious tech-lover in me.

One of the standout features is its ability to switch typing between three connected Bluetooth devices. Talk about multi-tasking! I’ve found it incredibly useful for my work on both my Windows laptop and my iPhone. The connection is reliable and fast, which is just what I need when juggling multiple tasks.

Another feature that impressed me is the automatic power-saving mode. The keyboard switches off when not in use, preserving battery life and ensuring that I don’t have to deal with sudden power outages in the middle of a project.

The only downside I’ve experienced is the lack of a backlight on the keys. While this isn’t an issue for use during the day, it can be challenging to type in dimly lit environments.

All in all, the Mofii Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard offers a unique blend of style and functionality. Its ease of use, reliable connection, and power-saving feature make it a standout choice for anyone in need of a reliable keyboard. However, the absence of a backlight might be a deal-breaker for some users who work in low-light conditions.

Wood-Colored Retro Typewriter Keyboard for PC, Laptop, and Phone


As a product review content writer, I had the opportunity to test out this retro typewriter keyboard that quickly became my favorite accessory for my modern devices. The Bluetoooth 5.0 version allowed for seamless switching between devices, so I could type an email on my laptop, and then instantly switch to sending a text message on my phone, all with the same keyboard.

One of my favorite features was the ability to adjust the LED lights to suit my mood and lighting needs. The twistable wheels allowed me to quickly adjust the brightness and volume of the light show, making it perfect for dimly-lit evenings or even powering through a late-night work session.

The built-in hot swappable blue switch keyboard technology added a delightful “click” feeling to my typing experience, reminiscent of an old royal typewriter. I found myself enjoying the typing experience even more than with my regular keyboard.

The retro design, with its aluminum alloy metal electroplated wood grain panels, mate black pull rods and rollers, and electroplated round key caps, brought a touch of nostalgia to my modern devices. Every detail seemed perfect in its execution, making this keyboard truly stand out.

Compatible with Android, Windows 10, iOS, and Mac systems, I had no problem connecting it with my desktop PC via USB wire, as well as my laptop, phone, and tablet. The wood color option added a touch of elegance to the overall design, making it a stylish addition to any workspace.

However, there were a few minor cons as well. The colors of the product when viewed in person may slightly differ from those depicted in the pictures. Additionally, the measurement allowed error is set at a range of +/- 1–3cm.

Overall, I would highly recommend the retro typewriter keyboard to anyone looking for a unique and stylish upgrade to their typing experience. Its compatibility with multiple devices and vibrant LED light show make it a perfect addition to any modern workspace.

Retro Mechanical Typewriter Keyboard for PC, Laptop, and Phone


Using the Retro Typewriter Keyboard has been a delightful experience in my daily life. Its unique features have made typing a joy, harkening back to the classic typewriter era. The upgrade to Bluetooth 5.0 for seamless switching between multiple devices is a game-changer, eliminating any worries about connection speed.

One of the standout features of this keyboard is the adjustable white LED lights. Pulling the lever to change the light mode adds a fun element to my work, making it anything but boring. Plus, the volume and brightness of the lights can be easily adjusted, adding to the convenience.

The built-in hot swappable blue switch keyboard technology gives me that satisfying “click” feeling with each press, increasing my typing speed and adding to the typing experience overall.

The retro design with aluminum alloy metal electroplated wood grain panels, mate black pull rods, and round key caps provide the perfect blend of modern technology and retro aesthetics. It’s truly a pleasure to use.

Compatibility with a wide range of devices, from cellphones and tablets to laptops, makes this keyboard incredibly versatile. The option to connect it to a desktop PC via USB wire is another cherry on top.

The combination of a sleek design and a comfortable typing experience makes the Retro Typewriter Keyboard a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their productivity and bring a touch of nostalgia to their workspace.

Retro Wireless Typewriter Keyboard (Sweet Mint)


The Zell ACTTO B303 wireless typewriter keyboard is a retro and visually appealing addition to your workstation. Its pastel aesthetic and unique typewriter design not only make typing more enjoyable but also add a touch of charm to your overall setup. The stable Bluetooth connection with Bluetooth 5.0 technology ensures a lag-free, clutter-free experience.

One feature that really stands out is the ability to pair this keyboard with up to three devices, allowing you to switch between them effortlessly with just the tap of a few keys. This was a game-changer for me — I no longer have to fumble around with different keyboards for my computer, phone, and tablet.

However, there are a few downsides. The compact layout might be a bit tricky for those with larger hands, as it can lead to accidental keypresses. Additionally, the keyboard is not rechargeable, which was a bit disappointing considering its modern design.

Despite these minor issues, the Zell ACTTO B303 keyboard has been a joy to use. Its cute, retro design and quick Bluetooth pairing make it a worthy addition to my daily setup. If you’re looking for a stylish and functional keyboard, this could be the perfect choice for you.

Remember to be gentle when handling it, as the plastic construction can scratch easily. All in all, a cute, functional keyboard with a strong Bluetooth connection.

Stylish Retro Typewriter Mechanical Keyboard for Smoke Devices


As an avid writer and a fan of vintage aesthetics, I recently picked up the QWERKYWRITER mechanical keyboard that’s designed to resemble a retro typewriter. I’ve been using this unique device for a few weeks now, and it’s not only been a conversation starter but also a genuinely enjoyable experience.

The keyboard is made from scratch-resistant aluminum alloy, giving it a sturdy and premium feel. It uses Cherry key switches with electroplated typewriter-inspired caps, providing a satisfying “clack” sound with each keystroke. The tactile feedback and audible clicking take me back to the days when typing felt like an art form.

One of the standout features of this keyboard is its programmable carriage return key, which serves as the enter key by default. The left and right paper feed knobs can be customized to control volume and vertical scroll, adding another layer of nostalgia to my typing experience.

I also appreciate the built-in stand that holds most smartphones and tablets, making it easy to use with my iPad. Connecting to devices is straightforward — I can either use Bluetooth or the included USB cable, depending on what suits me best at the moment.

As for battery life, the QWERKYWRITER doesn’t disappoint. A three-hour charge provides up to two weeks of normal use, ensuring that I don’t have to worry about running out of power while working on a creative project.

In terms of negatives, there’s really only one issue I’ve encountered: the keyboard tends to attract fingerprints and smudges easily. However, this is a minor inconvenience compared to the overall enjoyment and functionality it offers.

In conclusion, the QWERKYWRITER keyboard has quickly become a favorite among my collection of writing tools. Its vintage design, premium build quality, and satisfying tactile feedback make it truly stand out from other mechanical keyboards on the market. If you’re looking for a unique and enjoyable typing experience, I wholeheartedly recommend giving this retro-inspired keyboard a try.

Wireless Retro Typewriter Keyboard Mouse Set


Last month, I decided to upgrade my old keyboard and mouse combo with this Retro Typewriter Wireless Keyboard, and I must say, it has been a delightful addition to my desk. The first thing that caught my eye was the unique design, which blends retro aesthetics with modern functionality. Its intelligent energy-saving feature, combined with the smart auto sleep design, has helped me conserve power while working from home.

What I absolutely love about this set is its compatibility with a wide range of devices, including Windows and Mac OS. As someone who frequently switches between work and personal laptops, this has been a game-changer for me. The 2.4GHz signal allows me to work seamlessly from a distance of up to 33 feet, making it both comfortable and efficient.

A minor drawback worth mentioning is the lack of a lithium battery, but I’ve come to appreciate the reliability and longer life span provided by the AA batteries. Plus, the automatic wake-up feature ensures that I can quickly resume my work within seconds, which is a huge plus.

All in all, this retro typewriter combo has not only enhanced my productivity but also added a touch of elegance to my workspace. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable and stylish keyboard and mouse set.

Retro Mechanical Keyboard for Laptop and PC Gaming


As a writer who enjoys the retro charm of old-school technology, I’ve been using this Retro Typewriter Keyboard in my daily life. This Wireless Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard has completely enhanced my typing experience, making it feel like I’m typing on a classic typewriter.

One of the standout features for me is its 83 keys, which are made from a wear-resistant material. The impact resistance ensures that they can withstand frequent uses, making it a durable option. Plus, the device offers multiple connectivity options and supports three devices simultaneously, enhancing convenience.

However, using this keyboard requires a firm keystroke compared to normal keyboards. It might take a while to get accustomed to the unique touch but once you do, it’s quite satisfying. The wireless feature makes it very portable and the inbuilt 2000mAh battery ensures long usage hours without the need for constant charging.

Another noteworthy aspect is the built-in phone and notebook holder. It’s undeniably convenient to have a compact workspace setup with just this keyboard. Its application extends beyond gaming; it’s suitable for work, studies, and gaming purposes.

In terms of drawbacks, some users might find the strong keystroke inconvenient initially. Moreover, its unique retro design may not appeal to everyone’s aesthetic preferences.

In conclusion, for those looking to infuse some retro charm into their tech life or seeking tactile typing feedback, this Retro Typewriter Keyboard is definitely worth considering. Its unique retro design, coupled with multiple connectivity options and durability, adds a distinctive touch to your typing experience.

AZIO MK Retro Typewriter-Inspired Mechanical Keyboard


The Azio MK Retro Gold/White, an eye-catcher right out of the box, instantly takes you back to the era of quaint typewriters. As a writer with a fondness for the classics, it was love at first keystroke for me. The keyboard features clicky mechanical switches and round key caps that hark back to the typewriters of yesteryears, while offering the precision and speed of a modern mechanical keyboard. Its sturdy build and height-adjustable, pillar-style feet make it comfortable to use for extended periods of time. As a bonus, the keyboard boasts a wired USB connection, ensuring consistent and efficient performance. However, if you’re not careful, the paint on the trim can chip away quickly, which is a downside to its otherwise sturdy design. Despite this minor flaw, the Azio MK Retro Gold/White remains a beautifully crafted piece of technology that captures the essence of vintage aesthetics combined with contemporary functionality.

In terms of ease of use, the keyboard has a user-friendly layout with shortcut and hotkeys, making it easy to navigate even if you’re not a touch typist. The mechanical switches provide tactile feedback, making the typing experience enjoyable and comfortable. The keyboard’s responsiveness is top-notch, offering a smooth, quick response with no ghosting or conflicts with simultaneous key presses.

One potential downside is the size of the keyboard. It’s quite large, which may not be suitable for those with limited desk space. Additionally, the wrist rest, while comfortable, isn’t the most visually appealing part of the keyboard. However, these are relatively minor concerns when considering the overall positive aspects of the Azio MK Retro Gold/White.

In conclusion, the Azio MK Retro Gold/White is a beautifully crafted, nostalgic mechanical keyboard that delivers on both form and function. It’s a perfect blend of retro aesthetics and contemporary functionality, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate the classics and the precision of modern mechanical keyboards. Its comfortable, tactile feedback, and ease of use make it a joy to type on, despite its size. However, its paint chipping away and the wrist rest’s lack of aesthetics are areas that could be improved upon in future models. Overall, the Azio MK Retro Gold/White is a solid choice for those in search of a unique, retro-inspired mechanical keyboard that delivers a satisfying typing experience.

Vintage Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with RGB Backlit


As someone who enjoys spending hours playing their favorite games, I recently got a chance to try out Camiysn’s Typewriter Style Mechanical Gaming Keyboard in black. My first impression was that the keyboard had a retro punk aesthetic, with its black color and unique typewriter-inspired design. One of the standout features of the keyboard was undoubtedly its backlit RGB keys, which not only look incredibly cool but also make it easier to play games in dim lighting.

The 104 keys, including the blue switch wired cute keyboard, provided a comfortable and tactile typing experience. It felt quite different from the usual gaming keyboards I’ve used, and I appreciated the unique tactile feedback.

Another thing I liked about this keyboard was its plug-and-play functionality. I didn’t have to spend time installing any drivers or software — I simply connected it to my computer via the USB cable and it was ready to go.

However, there were a few minor issues I experienced while using the keyboard. First, the blue switch on the keyboard can be quite noisy, which might disturb those around you if you play games late at night. Second, while the retro design is appealing, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Some people may prefer a more modern or minimalistic-looking keyboard.

Overall, I would recommend this keyboard to gamers who appreciate the retro typewriter aesthetic, and who aren’t bothered by the noisy key switches.

Vintage Blue LED Mechanical Retro Typewriter Keyboard


Aula’s F2088 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a stylish and retro throwback to the typewriter-like keyboards of yesteryears. Its blue switches offer a quick response time, crisp click sound, and precise tactile feedback for smooth gaming sessions. The double-shot injection molded vintage steampunk round keycaps provide clear LED back light and incredible durability.

The F2088 doesn’t just look good, it also plays smart with its exclusive multimedia control knob. This knob provides quick access to volume control, backlit effects, and media controls. The ability to switch between 19 different lighting effects, adjust brightness, and create personalized backlit effects provides plenty of customization options.

The build quality of this keyboard is impressive, featuring an aluminium alloy panel that provides a sturdy and robust structure. It also features a detachable magnetic wrist rest, which adds an extra layer of comfort and support during long gaming sessions.

One unique feature of the F2088 is its 104 keys anti-ghosting programmable keys, providing a smooth gaming experience with a high-speed response. While this keyboard can be used for office work as well, it truly shines in the gaming world.

In terms of design, this is a winner. It boasts a modern and sleek look with a high low key layout and suspended round keys helping to reduce hand fatigue, making it suitable for hours of use. On top of all this, this keyboard is compatible with a wide range of devices, including PCs, Mac computers, laptops, and tablets, making it versatile for different environments. Its plug and play feature adds to its convenience without the need for additional software or drivers.

As with any product, there are some minor flaws. The wrist rest attachment lacks sturdiness and the placement of the FN key might be slightly inconvenient for some users. However, these small issues do not detract from the brilliance and enjoyment of using this keyboard.

Overall, the Aula’s F2088 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a beautifully crafted, responsive, and easy-to-use retro-themed marvel that offers a wide range of customization options. It is sure to please gamers and typing enthusiasts alike. Its build quality and convenient features make it an attractive and reliable addition to any gaming setup.

Vintage Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


I’ve been using the “Writertype Keyboard” for a while now, and I must say, it’s a gem of a product! The retro typewriter style with mechanical switches is such a throwback to the classic days. The blue switch gives a satisfying click every time I press a key, making typing feel really tactile.

The RGB backlit keys are a bonus. They can change colors based on the game I’m playing, which is quite a spectacle. The keyboard is built solid, made from aircraft-grade aluminium and ABS construction, and the foldable bracket gives it a sleek and space-saving design.

One of the things I also appreciate is the precision it provides. The 100% anti-ghosting feature and the full key rollover make sure every keystroke is detected accurately, which is great for intense gaming sessions.

However, the cable could be a little longer. If you’ve got a large desk or a setup that requires a bit of distance, you might want to use an extension.

Overall, the “Writertype Keyboard” is a fantastic choice for gamers or anyone looking for a retro mechanical keyboard with modern features. Its durability, tactile feedback, and customizable RGB backlit keys make it a joy to use.

Blue Retro Typewriter Keyboard for Windows


I recently got my hands on this retro USB wired computer keyboard and I must say, it’s an absolute delight for those who want a unique typing experience. The retro design brings back memories of old typewriters and it’s a fun change from the usual keyboards.

One of the standout features of this keyboard is the satisfying click sound when typing. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but those who love this kind of sound will find it incredibly satisfying and nostalgic. The tactile feedback from the keys also makes typing feel more tangible and deliberate.

Another great thing about this keyboard is its reliability. It has a single USB wired connection which eliminates the need to constantly replace or recharge batteries like you would with a wireless keyboard. Plus, it’s easy to set up — just plug and play, no extra software needed!

However, there are a few downsides as well. For instance, the blue colorful design might not appeal to everyone’s taste or match with their existing setup. Additionally, while the tactile feedback is great for typing, it might become tiring for lengthy typing sessions due to the increased effort required.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a unique, retro-styled keyboard that offers great tactile feedback and easy setup, then this might be right up your alley. But if you prefer a more subdued look or prefer quieter inputs, you might want to consider other options.

Pink Retro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and Mouse


I recently got my hands on the LexonElec Pink Typewriter Keyboard, and I’ve been really pleased with the experience. First off, the keyboard’s retro aesthetic is so charming. I mean, who doesn’t love the classic typewriter design? It adds a nice touch to any workspace or gaming setup.

The keyboard and mouse combo is incredibly comfortable to use. I find the medium resistance on the mechanical keys to be just right, and the audible click sound gives me that satisfying tactile feedback. Plus, the unique round keycaps make this keyboard stand out from the rest.

The LED backlit keyboard is also a game-changer. With 30 different modes, I can customize my keyboard look to match my mood or match my room’s lighting. Plus, the adjustable brightness ensures that I can see the keys even in low light conditions.

And let’s not forget about the mouse. The 4 color lighting and adjustable DPI levels make it a great pick for both gaming and general use.

One downside, however, is that this keyboard can be quite noisy. If you’re a light typist or share a workspace with others, it might be a bit too loud for your liking.

Overall, the LexonElec Pink Typewriter Keyboard & Mouse is a stylish and comfortable setup, perfect for gamers or anyone looking for a retro upgrade to their desktop. With its durability and responsiveness, this keyboard and mouse are sure to make typing and gaming a more enjoyable experience.


Buyer’s Guide





Are retro typewriter keyboards suitable for modern computers and laptops?

**Yes, retro typewriter keyboards are compatible with modern computers and laptops. They typically connect via USB or Bluetooth, allowing them to work seamlessly with your device. Always check the keyboard’s technical specifications and compatibility information to ensure it is suitable for your specific computer or laptop model.


How do retro typewriter keyboards compare to standard keyboards in terms of typing experience?

**Retro typewriter keyboards offer a unique tactile feedback that is different from standard keyboards. They feature mechanical switches that provide a more pronounced click when typing. This can enhance the typing experience for users who prefer the sound and feel of a typewriter. The keyboard’s layout may also resemble a typewriter, with distinct visual features.


What are the benefits of using a retro typewriter keyboard?


  • Authentic typewriter sound and feel, which can be nostalgic for some users.
  • Mechanical switches often provide better durability and tactile feedback than standard keyboards.
  • May improve typing speed and accuracy for users who prefer mechanical keyboards.

Are retro typewriter keyboards durable and reliable?

**Retro typewriter keyboards often use high-quality materials and components, such as mechanical switches, which are designed to withstand heavy use. Many of these keyboards are built with long-lasting durability and reliability in mind. However, it is essential to consider individual product reviews and specifications to ensure you choose a keyboard that meets your quality expectations.

How do I clean and maintain a retro typewriter keyboard?

**Longevity and cleanliness can be maintained by regular cleaning. Use a soft brush or compressed air to remove dust and debris from the keys. If necessary, you can remove the keycaps to clean underneath them. Avoid using water or liquid cleaners directly on the keyboard. Instead, clean keycaps individually using a mild detergent and a microfiber cloth. Be sure to dry each keycap thoroughly before reattaching it to the keyboard. Regular maintenance will help keep your keyboard functioning properly and looking great for years to come.